I remember several ocassions during my childhood, when we ensued in the chaos of family photos. Then in my early days of working in a Portrait Studio, I couldn't help but notice a pattern. One or both parents ( usually Mom) wants to have beautiful portraits to preserve her family's legacy and to decorate her home. She plans the perfect outfits, hair styles, date and time. She even manages to direct everyone on how they are to look, smile and behave. After wrangling everyone for hours, they somehow all manage to arrive to safely. Everyone is dressed beautifully, not a hair is out of place. But wait, what's this? EVERYONE LOOKS MISERABLE! They have all held it together and at this point things start to unravel. I remember a blur of arguments and crying and took a lot of pride in my ability to still get photos where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling... or cringing. Either way, it was enought to make grandma happy. Something about those experiences must have stuck with me then because as I sit here, I realize that some part of me made a vow to do things differently. There was never any doubt that my favorite shots were the ones that weren't palnned. I also understand the importance of legacy portraits. This has all led me to develop a style that allows Family Portrait Sessions to be fun. I create an environment of structure meets play that allows things to go by quickly and easily, all while create a Family Portrait Package that you and your loved ones will swoon over. From Grumpy Grandpa to Wild and Crazy two year olds, I've done it all! Together you will all create memories while I join and capture them. Don't worry! While we create many stunning candid images, we will also be sure to get that "Christmas Card Shot" for Grandma to display on the family photo wall. Let's chat about your coming Family Portrait Session and make it a stress-free experience that you will enjoy!

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