If you've been in my world for any amount of time, you know how I feel about them babies! It's not a coincidence that the majority of my client's are either expecting or have just had a fresh new addition to their family. It fills my heart to be a presence of calm and support for our island ohana as they navigate this precious time. What's even more special is when it's my loved ones who are having the baby. My client's know that once you're in my life you are a loved one but this time, I'm talking about a family who are loved ones first. The Schorr Four have been such a fun and important part of my life for several years and the more I get to witness the beauty of their family, the more grateful I become. Jayne, having grown up in a house full of brothers, takes boy mom to the next level with her easy going manner and unending patience. It only takes a few minutes in their home before brothers Bo and Mav are having a loving, yet competitive wrestling match at your feet. Then before you know it, you are being inundated with the best snuggles from Bo and if you're lucky, a a few minutes of bright conversation with Mav. Ami, their dad, who grew up here on Maui, is such a loving example of how a man can be both soft and strong and this influence is evolving perfectly in their boys. I'm sure you can imagine how thrilled I was to find out there the Schorr Four were about to become 5!! I was equally thrilled when I learned that I would get to photograph these people that I love, in their lovely upcountry home.

Newborn Maui Baby Kobi Schorr

I thought this wonderful family couldn't be more complete. But once Kobi joined the bunch, it was clear, he's the family member that we didn't know they were missing. But Jayne knew...and so did Ami. Now there crew is complete.

Proud Brothers showing of their newborn wrestling buddy. These snuggly moments are one of my favorite things about Lifestyle Photography Sessions.

Is Jayne now even more outnumbered in this land full of males? Absolutely! Luckily, they are doing such a phenomenal job raising conscious boys that one more in the bunch can only be a positive thing. But don't worry, this Maui Mama, who is a natural with florals, gets to have fun creating beautiful pressed flower art for her new company, Pua Press Maui. With grandma in town and all the love (and chaos) that was happening when Picture Day arrived, it was tough to get through these edits with dry eyes. I reached out to a fellow photographer friend and had to share them before they were even finished. I remember telling her, "I'm not sure if I love these so much because I love the people so much or just because it is such a sweet session." Now, I realize, it was both.

Grandmas are an essential part of postpartum care. I love when they get to join for the family photos.
Brothers/Wrestling Competition for Life. I can't wait to see how Kobi fits in it all.

Lifestyle Sessions not only captures the family but will also serve as a reminder about the home.
There are few things that I cherish more than the photos I have of me with my grandparents. Maui families are so lucky when their parents can join for these important moments.
The reality beyond poses.
Proud Parents and Amazing Lighting! What more can a Newborn Lifestyle Photographer ask for?
I'm obsessed with all of the black and white edits of these.
My fave! Now printed on a gorgeous canvas and hanging on their wall.

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