When it comes to newborn photography, my approach is more than just snapping pictures. It's about capturing the innate beauty, the delicate innocence, and the pure joy that a newborn brings into the world. My lifestyle newborn photography is a beautiful blend of my artistic style and the unique charm of each family I work with.


As a professional, my level of service and the individual attention I give to each of my clients is unparalleled. From the moment you step into my studio or I step into your home, my focus is on creating an environment that is comfortable, serene, and conducive to capturing the most beautiful moments. I understand the importance of these early days in your child's life, and I strive to capture them in a way that you can treasure forever.


My work is characterized by the highest quality, with every image bearing the hallmarks of meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for capturing those fleeting moments and tiny details that define the first few days of a baby's life. I pride myself on my ability to collaborate with each session, bringing together my style and your family's uniqueness to create a timeless work of art.


My clients often refer to me as the ‘baby whisperer’. This nickname is a testament to the sense of calm and grounding I bring to my sessions. Understanding that this is a delicate time for parents and their newborn, I ensure to provide a soothing and relaxed atmosphere that allows for natural and organic moments to unfold.


Whether you prefer to have the session in my studio in Haiku or in the comfort of your home or any location of your choice, I am available to accommodate your needs. Each location offers its own unique charm and ambiance that adds to the overall beauty of your photographs.


This blog serves as a testament to my passion and dedication to newborn lifestyle photography. It is not just about capturing images, but about telling a story, your story, through beautiful, emotive, and timeless photographs. In every image I create, I aim to capture not just the physical beauty of your newborn, but also the emotions and the bond that is so unique to this precious time in your lives.


Photographing newborns is an honor, a joy, and a responsibility I do not take lightly. I invite you to experience the magic of newborn photography, to immortalize these fleeting moments, and to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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